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Hochegg vs Koregg

Hochegg vs Koregg

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In contrast to our Blaufränkisch Koregg, the Blaufränkisch from the Hochegg vineyard is better in .........??

In the wine world there is always a discussion about how much influence the location and the soil have on the taste of the wine.

Therefore, we thought we would like to find out how big the influence really is with your support.
We have two high quality Blaufränkisch from the same vintage. The grapes were of the same quality and the cellar work was the same.
Perfect conditions to find out the influence of a location on the wine.

These two Blaufränkisch wines should be tasted to find out what the difference is or if there is a difference at all. For example, whether one wine is more fruity or more mineral. There are no limits to interpretation. It doesn't matter if you are a professional in the wine world or simply a wine connoisseur. The more who take part in this experiment, the better.
We would be happy about your evaluation after the tasting, which you can send us via email or social media.

As a thank you, you will receive a gift from us after your evaluation. What that is exactly, remains a surprise. :)

The package includes the following two wines:
  • Blaufränkisch Hochegg 2018
  • Blaufränkisch Koregg 2018

2 x 0,75 liter

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